We have a passion for photojournalism and a simple philosophy on photography: capture the spirit of the moment. We strive to preserve the magic, beauty, and emotion of your event and help our clients look their best.

Take a Glance Photography is based in Santa Barbara, California. We use the Central Coast's breathtaking natural beauty as our background, shooting at local parks, beaches, and historic buildings. We are also available for travel to destination weddings and other events outside of our local area.

Please schedule a consultation to discuss how we can best meet your needs. Our client's satisfaction is our top priority, if you have a special request in mind, just ask!


Sean's photographic inclinations can be traced back to his desire to tell a story. Whether through poetry, short films, or still photography, the desire to entertain and educate has always been a huge motivator. With photography, that frozen moment provokes emotions, wonder, and memory. Sean has found that even one photo of an event can help dormant memories float to the surface. It can even trigger other sense memories, such as the smell of a garden, the soft touch of a newborn, or a song that was played at your wedding. For these and hundreds of other reasons, Sean fell in love with the art of making pictures.

While he's not taking tens of thousands of pictures a year, Sean can be found on the hockey rink, the softball diamond, the mountain trail, the dance floor, or the beach. Sean lives in Santa Barbara with a cat that has thumbs. Despite his advanced genetics, the cat has yet to take a decent photograph. But Sean never gives up hope.


Lopaka's love of photography started with wanting to know how things work. His Father, Robert, would shoot pictures of their family and vacations with an old Nikon, and Lopaka was always very curious about all of the buttons, switches, and lenses, and how adjusting them affected the photos. As he grew older, Lopaka would look at his Father's photos and admire the lighting, the landscape, and wonder about the thoughts going on in the minds of the people who were in front of the camera. Most importantly, he thought about the memories of everyone who would browse through the photos years from now, which is what drives him when he takes photos for his clients today.

In addition to his passion for photography, Lopaka loves snowboarding, laughing with good friends, a glass of red wine, and dancing late into the night. He has lived in Santa Barbara since 1993, and currently resides there with his wife Shasta, their daughter Lilly, and their mischievous dog, Masi.